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100% of proceeds from clothing sales goes to furthering our research and disclosure efforts


This website was started for those who share an interest in our future, ancient history, cache hunting, or the strange and unknown. We as a group are trying to get together those who have the  interest and drive to know and or knowledge and ability to get the answers, in the hope of obtaining the true reality of our world and passing it on to others for the benefit of mankind.

We also arrange and offer complete geo-imaging services, custom guided trips into any area. Photography, prospecting, archaeological, geological and paleontological studies can be arranged and safety and survival training are also available.

Companions or guest opportunities are available for hiking, camping, meteor location, cryptozoology and even studying the paranormal and UFO reports. If you would like to be involved with the activities, need our assistance and or be a part of the volunteer research team, contact us at the link below.

"Finding answers to the questions, ... that others are too afraid to ask"

​Our journey is a  true quest for adventure and understanding of the worlds enigmas. Fueled by our deep need to know and show the truth whatever that may be, unbiased and un-colored by idea, ego or agenda. We seek fact. And do so first hand with experience, not opinion. Utilizing the finest techniques, equipment and personnel in a scientific and strategic approach. Together, wishing to bring forth the value of understanding the past, our planet, its inhabitants and the plaguing  questions that completely turn the accepted doctrines upside down. Our collective intent being to conduct research and recover factual competent evidence, information and value. While assisting others in doing so as well and promoting ideals like integrity, transparency and immediate public disclosure. 
We are working with Private Citizens Organizations, Archaeologists and Universities,  conducting Exploration, Guide Services, Site Surveys and Research and Recoveries. Our services are for anyone who has something unusual, legend, lost or hidden and wants it located, studied, conserved and/or recovered.  ​