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I / We are about to do something big. Don't think it's ever been done but someone will if we won't, and should if we don't.

The objective is to create KX-CHIRP : 
"KX Cryptid Hominid Interactive* Research Project" 
.. It will help all avenues of cryptid studies and can be applied in many field study areas, with a benefit to all of us as a resource base to fund further research. We are to start a subscription based research archive, live chat, interactive web site, with the mainstay being streaming audio/video surveillance in real time. With member users being able to watch live and even tag the vid so it auto marks the event time stamp etc.., with the member user observer logged and receiving credit for the discovery. And be able to view and review all pre-recorded video in segments etc... camp feeds, news letter and member involvement in the field with expedition guest costs reduced or even eliminated with donation, subscription amounts taken off the the full amount.... I want to sub out other areas controlled by other research groups and offer the opportunity to add their area to the cam feed system. Allowing users to be the "all seeing eyes" needed for constant surveillance and video.

No where before do I believe has any group put feeds live for the world to see without first review and control. This will be different, with a multitude of people viewing the cam feeds and reviewing recorded segments for anomalies and being able to feedback that information when an "event" is discovered in real time, instantly to the system, and directly to KX personnel.

All this will have to be installed and maintained by persons and those people get paid for the time to be in the field. Monies generated can be used to fund ours and others expeditions, which in turn the results of provide the source for subscription interests.

With subscription to this interactive research project, members will have unprecedented access to all research materials, back door information, live feeds both in the field and in camp. Recieve a news letter and have access to live chat, the team blog and consultation. As well be on the inside loop to the science and analytical work and study progress in real time. We I'll also offer members a reduced rate on any existing or future KX products or services.

The intent is that 100% of any and all proceeds gained will be applied to further research efforts.

Basic site description and features and services will include:

Subscription based with limited public access.

Guest level access and 3 level sububscription status.

Full access to all KX cryptid research archive

24 hr live video streaming feeds from multiple research areas.

Abliity for users to tag live streams when an event is witnessed.

Event tags are recorded with users identified as discoverer and user discovered credit.

All audio/video feeds are recorded in segments and stored for member review.

Recorded and archived audio/video will be listed for review/tagging and views shown.

Real time instant access to data as it is being uploaded to the archive.

News feed featuring current events in cryptid hominid research.

Public message thread with reply features.

Members only message thread with reply feature.

Team blog.

Live chat/Skype.

News letter featuring KX plans, news events and reports.

Affiliate research program- public- groups and Universities.

Expedition guest opportunities (rates reduced by donated or paid subscription amount).

Consultation and support help via a "contact us" feature and a call #.

Equipment and tech used will be evaluated with published assessment and reviews.

Members will receive reduced costs and rates on all KX products and services.

Any donations to KX will be recorded and that amount will be deducted from any future expedition guest costs if the person chooses to join us in the field.